We typically accept small furniture and other small appliances in decent condition and working order. We will take larger furniture or working appliances if someone on our client list has requested it and we can transport it right away. We have no storage space, and that is why we do not accept larger pieces of furniture to hold. If you have a question about something not on the list, please call our office at 814.695.0762.

Items We Accept:

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Books
  4. Beds (only if we have a client)
  5. Kitchen Tables and Chairs (ony if we have a client)
  6. Microwaves (only if we have a client)
  7. Small Appliances (only if we have a client)


We appreciate all the donations that we receive, but occassionally we receive items that we cannot use for various reasons, and they ultimately end up in our garbage, creating an additional refuse expense for us.

Some of the items we are UNABLE to process include:

  1. Baby Cribs
  2. Bathtubs
  3. Carpet (We do accept area rugs.)
  4. Console Stereos
  5. Exercise Equipment
  6. Large Furniture (Anything Torn, Stained, Broken)
  7. Hospital Beds
  8. Kerosene Heaters
  9. Large Appliances
  10. Non-working Small Appliances
  11. Pianos/Organs
  12. Shower Doors
  13. Sinks
  14. Sofas
  15. Tires
  16. Toilets
  17. TVs
  18. Used Paint
  19. Waterbeds