We accept all clothing, except items that have been chemically damaged, damp, wet, heavily soiled, exposed to mold, or are otherwise detrimental to the safety and health of others, or may be considered a contamination to be placed alongside other fabrics. Since we get an enormous amount of clothing items donated, we sort for the best of the best items to be given away. We accept torn and stained items, but they are sorted and automatically bailed as rags. If you donate items that are all rags, it is helpful to us if you mark them as such. We do not accept used panties, boxers or other items that were exposed to bodily fluids like that -- these are considered contaminated, and we would rather trash them than mix them with our rags. Please do not donate them. Since we have very limited storage space, it is better for us if you donate clothing that is appropriate for the season. For example, donate heavy winter clothes in the cold seasons, and lighter weight attire in the warmer seasons. This helps us disperse it appropriately. The same goes for shoes and accessories please. 

For 2018, we do NOT have designated Give-away Days. With only four employees and a limited number of volunteers, and lots on each of our plates, we simply cannot do that at this time. We are in the process of redirecting some of our efforts, and trying to establish a strategic business planning committee to assist us with some greater fund raising tactics for now and in the future. Addressing the financial needs and concerns has taken a priority for us. We have permission now to demolish the 502 Mulberry Street garage clothing room, and rebuild a single structure, more suitable facility for our give-away efforts. We are working on a campaign to raise funds for that. Please try to understand all that is involved in this ministry, the challenges we face with donations coming in, a small staff, a transient volunteer base, a limit of funds, and ongoing situations that arise from day-to-day. We do the best we can to address as much as possible. We realize we can't please everyone all the time, and honestly, our goal is just to be obedient to the Lord, hoping we help some folks along the way. We appreciate your patience and understanding in all of it -- and we ask that you please keep the American Rescue Workers in your prayers. 


For more information, please call 814-695-0762.

Household Items:

811 Scotch Valley Road, Hollidaysburg:

We distribute household items such as kitchen start-up packs: dishes, pots and pans, linens, small furniture items, etc. for residents of Blair County who are in need. We assist with whatever donations we have available at the time. We will accept all kinds of linens, and useable household items. We do not accept TVs, computers, and items like that because it is difficult for us to get rid of them, and they just take up space or we have to pay to have them hauled away. We cannot take large pieces of furniture here due to space limitations, but we will try to connect donors with large items with clients who have requests for such items. 

Our Number 1 priority is the Food Pantry, and ensuring that we have sufficient coverage for those operations. Our give-aways and other services are always secondary. We can only schedule give-aways as we have the necessary volunteer/staff coverage for all areas of our services. We will schedule as often as the resources to do so in the warmer months. 

For more information, please call 814-695-0762